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    From the first time I played the game, I immediately fell in love with him, it was love at the first sight since he's my kind of man! His personality is so stubborn that it would be very hard to control, but it would be very simple to make him smile, because inside of him, he is a very sweet and kind person who always worries about people he loves.

    Since I got some problems with the previous layout and I absolutely wanted to revamp it, I decided to make a new one, I think that this express far better Hijikata-san!

    If you're a fan of him, please, consider to join the fanlisting!! :)



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Okita Souji Kazama Chikage


October 05, 2010: 24 new codes added~
September 18, 2010:
The new layout is ready! *--*
May, 6 2009:
The fanlisting is up! :D

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