credits to jenny_jade from the Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro LJ Community

Age: 19 years old
First Appearance: Chapter 64. Appear on Volume 10 cover
Became the police with exception to 19 years old and in the crime course. 
First appear in the several countinous arson incident with Yako. 
When he uses the notebook PC, his farsightedness is terrible. So he uses glasses for only this reason.
Don't like Usui because of the fact Usui also wears glass and that increases the mostly glassesmen to amount when he stays in the headquarters. (Usui is so popular, ne? XD)
Have a good relationship with Yako ^___^
In the past, he hacked a virus in to the online game that made him lost his parent. This caused his trauma and HAL brainwashed him as an assasin. But he was saved by Yako and the brainwashing which is originally imperfect because of his glasses. (Wearing glasses is also a good thing to do)
After HAL's incident, he tried to quit the police but he remained in Yako's request and Usui's support. However, Usui's conceit ordered him not to come out the public, and he was received (by torture technique) the courtesy education which conditional reflex greeting salute was learned.
In chapter 128, he has a grudge with the newly appointed superior, so he revenged by using the electronic wave that HAL used to transform the superior and his family. After that, in 24 hours, he was received the courtesy education by Usui with torture techniques to forgot the method of making the electronic wave completely. (Poor boy!)
Special ability: Computer skill, hacking skill
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Birthday: September 28th