In the development of the story Ouka meets Teito , owner of Mikhael's Eye. But their real first meeting was in their childhood, that they can't remember.
She destructed Teito's home but she hasn't this memory of him, just a strange feeling. She escaped from her palace in order to doesn't follow her father's desires, because he could give to her a fiance.
Ouka can't agree with this decision, she wants to love someone with all the heart, someone that she and only she can chooses!!

She's the imperial princess of Barsburg Empire , but she isn't arrogant or full-of-herself, she's just a simple, smily girl that want to live her life in her own way. Also, she has a little dragon called Kururu , but differently to Mikage, she's a girl that can speaks. Mikage (in Burupya version) likes her since the first moment, and Teito was surprised (and a little jealous XD) to see his best friend that becomes friend of another person in some seconds, especially if that person is a girl.
Teito and Ouka are very similar and surely they can learn something traveling together.
She's very natural with him and Teito hears her voice with attention and interest. They share a fight together and they're a cute team. Teito and Ouka are complementary, because even they have a lot of similar sides, their personality are totally different, and maybe this can means that in future they could become more than two persons that share a god in theirselves.

Surely Ouka is sweet and she could heal Teito's bleeding heart. The fact that their the successors of two Empires that are in war is a sign of the fate... Could they be like Romeo and Juliet?


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