Ouka is the first female character I've appreciated in this series!
She appeared since the 19th chapter, in Teito's childhood. She's better described in the 47th, 48th and 49th chapters, especially in the 48th one, when Teito and her have another meeting when they're already adult.
She's very sweet and funny and her story is simple but meaning, since even if she's a princess, she escaped from her palace because her father wanted her to become a perfect princess, even if it meant destroying her personality and aven if she could have a fiance that she doesn't want.
Ouka decided to face life becoming a doctor, and for this reason, she left the Royal Palace. She heals the weak ones but she doesn't ask nothing as compence.
She has a strong sense of justice and she fights the criminals in order to protect anyone that needs a hand.
It's in that moment that she meets Teito, who remebers of the child of his childhood.
Ouka's dream is to love someone with all the heart, and that person will not be the one that her father will choose for her, but the one in which she'll believe.

She's kind and absolutely adorable with Kururu, her little dragon! Kururu is her best friend and she's together with her since she was born!
Also, Ouka is the owner of Raphael's Eye and she can feel very well Teito's feelings about to have someone inside of you, and she supports him with all herself in order to smile together!


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