When I started to read Shinshi Doumei Cross, I really couldn't imagine that I would love it like this. It is one of my favourite manga, that was close to me in a very difficult period. Haine and Takanari are two characters that made me dream like only a few pairings in the other series have done. Haine is the kind of dreamer and infatuated girl that reminds a lot of me with her particular personality, sometimes stupid, sometimes serious, sad or happy. Takanari is the kind of person I always admired, because, even if his life could be without a sense, he built his one instead of throwing it away, and menaged to be happy with the person he loved. They're both two characters that apparently could seem "the stereotype of shoujo manga", but it is not like this, because they grow up just going on with the story and they understand many things thanks to the help of their friends.

    I really adore this pairing, and it would be wonderful if everyone in the world could know their love story... they will learn many things and the values of life and love. ❤








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