Hello! Welcome to "Break the Limits", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Gojo Satoru , the most sadistic and childish sensei from the series Jujutsu Kaisen, created and illustrated by the genial Akutami Gege!

Gojo-sensei is the character that made me fall in love, because he has that kind of personality that I adore~
He is a smiling person that usually spurs his students to give their best and to look over their own horizons, making them able to understand better the world around them, and more importantly, themselves.

He is not the kind of person that uses kind words to express his thoughts, and he is not interested in what's the others think about him. Many people have different ways to consider Gojo-sensei, but everyone agrees that he's as strong as needed when the worst comes. I mean... he can be very childish saying mean things to spurs someone, but he can be like a father a moment after. He's just himself and he's not interested in things like who is wrong and who is right, because the only thing that Gojo-sensei desires is changing the world together with his comrades. And about this... He is very friendly and loves friendship, so he considers friends and comrades more important than everything!

I adooore the way he acts toward Yuji, they look like father and son~

I also love Gojo-sensei's personality, because he is never predictable and his way to think and act perfectly reflects his self: a sadistic, crazy, ironic and childish young man with a golden heart~ He also has a kind side, but it's shown at his complete discretion!

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