Hello! Welcome to "kaze no yama nai uchi ni" (that means before the wind dies down), the TFL and TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Fuji Syusuke ♥, the Seigaku's genious tennis player from the popular anime, manga, musical, live-action and game series (also a Chinese drama) Tennis no Ouji-sama (better known as The Prince of Tennis), created by the talented Konomi Takeshi! ♥

Fuji is an enigmatic person.
He always smiles keeping his eyes closed and even practises to keep them like that when using the racquet, so when they are opened it means that he's serious.
He loves tennis so much and his talent is incredible, that's the reason why he's called Tensai (genius). But something that Fuji loves with all his heart and is more precious than his own life is his family, especially his younger brother Yuta, that he's used to call on the phone in every moment, even late night (thought it's not like Yuta is happy about this XD).

He's a very marvelous character and I adore him, so I want to thank with all my heart the kind Tec for letting me adopt this fanlisting in September 2021! ♥

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