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Voiced by: Shouko Ishii

Along with Nakama Yayoi, Emily Adachi ( ?? ??? , Adachi Emiri ? ) is part of the track team and used to look down on Ikki and his friends. However, after the incident between Ikki and Buccha, she has come to admire them. She and Yayoi are also the first to admonish them whenever they come up with something stupid (which is rather often). She has a big crush on Kazu She eventually joins the Kogarasumaru and acts as back-up. Even though her Air Treck skills aren't all that great, she seems to at times be able to summon up super strength and endurance, like taking hits from powerful storm riders brushing the hits off easily to her super powerful kicks and wrestling moves, through her pure strength of will and "The Power of Love". She is so strong that she succeded in avoiding to be hit by Gabishi's horn by tackling down, which made him ask to himself if she was really a girl. Currently she is an official member of Kogarasumaru, among other times during the fight with White Wolf Clan she temporarily replaced Buccha after he was beaten by an old man with a cybernetic armor. While fighting, Emily and the others decided to win by beating the other team to a pulp. Currently she doesn't have a Road. Some fans actually think that her road can be called GUTS ROAD, something she may think of it not to be a compliment for a girl, as she said to Aeon when he talks to her about her strength.