Hello! Welcome to "Dancing Fairy", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Elie , the determined and cheerful heroine from the series Groove Adventure Rave, created and illustrated by Mashima Hiro!

Elie is a girl that at the begin of the series awakens without any memory. She starts a journey with Haru to search for the truth about her, and the two of them fall in love while traveling and fighting together~

Eli is a kind, funny and cheerful person always ready to help her friends with her heart and soul, even fighting. I always loved so much the fact that even without any memories of her past, she fought with all herself for the future, and more importantly, for the friends she adores and for the boy she loves. Her relationship with Haru is the most beautiful thing that Mashima-sensei ever made in a manga of him, and they made me cry so much because they spend a lot of touching moments together.

Elie's positivity and will power are the reasons why even if sometimes she was not that useful in a battle, she always was needed to make her friends happy! When she finds out about her real identity of Resha Valentine and remembers everything, she doesn't lose her "Elie"'s side, at the contrary. Once she was Resha and now she is Elie, she will never negate one of them. Elie always look at the future with brilliant eyes, and I love how she never give up and face life even with any kind of difficulties it carries on!

I want to thank the kind Jenna with all the heart for letting me adopt this fanlisting in June 2019! Thank you so much again! I will always take care of this site until I will live!

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