Kida Masaomi



Name: Masaomi
Surname: Kida
Age: 16
Seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano
Peculiarity: He << ex leader of Blue Scarves>>
Job: Student, Izaya's Assistant
Birthday: -
Blood: -
Nickname: Bakyura
Birth Place: Japan

Masaomi is Mikado's best friend, who invited him to transfer himself to Ikebukuro.
Masaomi is a funny and very eccentric person, a "man of the world" that knows a lot of things about girls and life in Ikebukuro.
He's the kind of person that always has a logical explanation for all the questions and he's always easy-going when he gives some councils to Mikado.
Masaomi learns to him how living in the new place and who are the persons that he needs to shun (obviously the strogest in Ikebukuro: Izaya, Shizuo and Saimon).
He has feelings for Anri and for her, he decides to declare war between Mikado and him. But Masaomi isn't that superficial, he hides a big pain in his heart and it's because of his ex-role of leader of Blue Scarves, a ganga that he rules until one year ago.
That time his girlfriend, Saki, was injured because she was the girl of the head of the gang, and as the rules between gangs wants, the girl of the leader must be kidnap and bit.
She remained alive just because Dotachin and the other decided to betray their tasks in order to save her.
She spent a year in hospital and Masaomi found the courage to meet her again only after a lot of times, because his sins are too big for him.
He doesn't know that Izaya payed Saki in order to become his girl and to create that situation, and now that Masaomi decided to stay beside her again, she think that Izaya decided it.

His feelings for Saki are deep but he likes Anri too, so we can't know what's matter in future. His friendship with Mikado altered when he realized that Mikado is leader of Dollars, but he finds the courage to discuss to him and to clarify the situation, because they're real best-friends.

A year after Saki's discharge from hospital he decides to work for Izaya together with her, and they leave Raira Academy.



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