Certy Sturluson



Name: Certy
Surname: Sturluson
Age: ???
Seiyuu: Miyuki Sawashiro
Peculiarity: She's a Dullahan
Job: Underground Porter
Known as: Black Rider, Headless Rider
Nickname: Setton
Relatives: None.
Birth Place: Ireland

Certy is the famous Black Rider of Ikebukuro.
Looking at her rider uniform and her crash helmet it can't seems, she's a girl. She lives together with Kishitani Shinra, an underground doctor that is in love with her (and that Certy requites.
Her birth Place is Ireland and she isn't human but a Dullahan, a headless creature that lives there and that takes her head with the arms.
One day she awakens without her head but she understands that she can lives eben without it. Many of her memories are lost and even if she tries to searching for it since the first moment, she haven't found it yet.
She meets Shinra and his father when Shinra was 4 and sinse that moment, even if with her agreement, she was studied by him and the father.
Certy possesses a inhuman strenght and the power to manipulate the shadows, also, she has a great and fast capacity to regenerate her body by injuries.
Certy's goal is to find her head, and she feels that it's in Ikebukuro, so she works there as porter to have major chance to collect informations about it. Since she's the heroine of the story, she interacts with all the other characters, and the most important ones are (some of them "apparently") close to her: Izaya, Shizuo, Mikado, Anri, Ruri and obviously, the beloved Shinra.

She has a quiet, serious and determinated personality and even if she can't speak (she communicates with a cellphone), she can explain very well her feelings.
Certy's desire to find her head is the only thing that scares Shinra, because he thinks that if she finds it, she'll return in Ireland. When Certy finds out that he's involved in its disappearance, she thinks to a betrayal at once, but when he explains to her that his love is so strong that he was scared to lose her, she understands that his feelings are sincere and she forgives him, becoming her lover.



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