Cheese-kun is the mascot of the Japanese restaurant chain and international franchise Pizza Hut.
If you visit its official page, you'll find out that it has a big family:

Cheese-papa - Father
Cheese-mama - Mother
Cheese-nii - Older brother
Cheese-chan - Younger sister
Cheese-inu - pet (it is a dog)

In his "Identity Card", there are a lot of informations. The first is that its nationality is Italian! I was surprised reading it (because I'm Italian too), I thought it was American XD but it's ok, pizza is famous in the world because of Italy, after all! It likes hats, and sweet things. It hates mouses! O_o We have a lot of things in common, Cheese-kun! XD


I had the chance to meet it when I watched the first season Code GEASS, it was always there, watching me with its cute face... *_* I fell in love with it and I had to buy a plushie for me and now, thanks to the falisting, I can build a fanlisting for it! Sometimes luck is on my side too! *-*

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