Age: 27
Nationality: Britannian
Date of birth: 6 june 1991 a.t.B.
Zodiacal Sign: Gemini
Height: 1.76 cm
Blood: -
Nicknames: Chigusa
Seiyuu: Watanabe Akeno

Viletta is the head of the Information Department and in order to don't be found, she became the P.E. teacher of the Ashford Academy, so she can be very close both to Lelouch and Shirley that she remembers very well.
She was the one who gave orders to Rolo, but when he decided to collaborate with Lelouch, she has no other choice that to agree with them, or she would lost her title of Baron. This lost is too the reason why she still frequents Ohgi Kaname and nobody knows about them.

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