Age: 18
Nationality: Britannian
Date of birth: 9 july 1999 a.t.B.
Zodiacal Sign: Cancer
Height: 1.75 cm
Blood: A
Nicknames: -
Seiyuu: Orikasa Fumiko

Even if in the first season Lelouch used his Geass on her, Shirley is again in love with him. She always tries to do something with him, and sometimes she manages to do it, as in the third episode, when they go out in order to buy a birthday present to Viletta. She's always part of the Student Council and member of the swimming club. She's always shy and totally jealous of Lelouch.
As Milly and Rivalz, her memories are different, because she remembers Rolo as Lelouch's brother and Nunnally is totally deleted from her past.

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