Age: 24
Nationality: Chinese
Date of birth: -
Zodiacal Sign: -
Height: -
Blood: -
Nicknames: -
Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru

Li Xingke is a skilled Chinese soldier who arrives in the Area 11 as bodyguard of the eunuch Gaohai, on the occasion of a council with the Britannian Empire. However, his steady loyalty is for his country and the empress, and he despises the governement of the Eunuchs, that is impoverishing the country and the citizens. As a matter of fact, his objective is to overthrow the Eunuchs and restablish the power in the hands of the Empress, that now is under their control. For this reason, he takes advantage of the treacherous beaviour of Gaohai to make an agreement with C.C., and execute him, leaving the responsability to the Kuro no Kishidan. Moreover, six years before the facts of the R2 series, he has been saved by the Empress, and, when he decided to join the military academy, he promised her that one day he would have let her see the world outside the Forbidden City. This promise strengthened his devotion for Tianzi, and it seems to flow into some kind of affection.
He is said to have Lelouch's intellingence combined with Suzaku's strenght, and he also have political skills, as stated by C.C. He is a skilled Knightmare pilot too, and he is the only one able to pilot the Shen Hu, his Knightmare frame.
He seems to be affected by some kind of disease, whose symptom is cough with loss of blood from the mouth. This illness seems to be terminal, since he tells to his subordinate that he just need to resist a little more time.

Written by Akira K.S.

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