Age: 18
Nationality: Britannian
Date of birth: 5 december 1999 a.t.B.
Zodiacal Sign: Sagitter
Height: 1.78 cm
Blood: A
Nicknames: Zero, Lelou, Black Prince
Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama, Sayaka Ohara (child)

After a year from the Black Rebellion, it seems that Lelouch lost his memories about his life as Zero, and he quietly lives his normal, boring life with his brother Rolo.
His aspect is almost the same of the first season, apart the hair that are a bit longer. At the contrary, for the character, he is more kind and quiet, but continues to play chess as we knew. He attends the last year of the Ashford Academy and he's always searched from from his PE teacher: Viletta Nu. We will soon find out that his memories had been manipulated by the Emperor Charles, who has a Geass himself. In fact, one year ago, he was sold to him from Suzaku, who took him there from the battle they did in Kaminejima. The Emperor erased his memories about being Zero, being a Britannian prince and having Nunnally as sister. He will soon find it out the truth because C.C. will revive his lost memories with a kiss.
After that time, he will continue to be Zero and fight against Britannia, in order to search his sister (substituted from Rolo, his "brother) and defeat the Emperor. The problem will come when he finds out that Nunnally hates Zero... will he still continue to be a person that her beloved sister hates?

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