Age: 17
Nationality: Britannian
Date of birth: 27 november 2000 a.t.B.
Zodiacal Sign: Sagittarius
Height: -
Blood: B
Nicknames: -
Seiyuu: Souichirou Hoshi

Gino is a very happily and effusive guy, always with his head above the clouds. It seems that his only desire is to enjoy himself, since his euphoria has no limit and he always tries to involve Suzaku and Anya, but with poor results, of which he doesn't care because, maybe, he does it just for his pleasure.
Even if he's noble of birth, he menaged to join the Knight of Rounds thanks to his skills. In fact, even if apparently he can looks like fluffy and offish, he's a serious and fierce guy. When he fights, he always looks for an enemy stronger than him, in order to enjoy himself in a breathtaking match, using his intellect and his great agility.
He is very argute and active, he understands straight away how much and how many energies he wants to use when he's against an enemy, but he's never satisfied of the result of his battles.
He's the only one who can care about Dark Suzaku, surrounding him of thousand regards and affection. This feeling of deep friendship is just one way-sided.
He's the Third of the Knight of Rounds and pilotes the Knightmare Frame Tristan.

Written by Dorothy

Gino and Anya become students of the Ashford Academy in order to keep an eye on Lelouch. Gino enjoyed very much his stay in that "common" place.
He says often that Kallen is his type of girl and when she's prisoner of Britannia, he saves her from Luciano, Knight of Ten.

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