Age: -
Nationality: -
Date of birth: -
Zodiacal Sign: -
Height: 1.60 cm
Blood: -
Nicknames: Gray Witch
Seiyuu: Yukana

C.C. is now effective part of the Kuro no Kishidan and the vice of Kotetsu Urabe , the new leader of it {until they take back Zero }. She will find Lelouch in the Babel Tower and kiss him in order to get back his lost memories because of Emperor Charles ' Geass. She will give to Lelouch a kind of contact lens that will allow him to hide his permanent Geass. She won't stay at the Ashford with him this time, she will be employed with the bureaucratic work of the Kuro no Kishidan, especially at the begin with the situation between the Order and the Chinese Federation.

This time we'll see her fighting since the begin of the series with an Akatsuki (pink customized) and then with a new Knightmare Frame based on the Lancelot, exactly the Lancelot Frontier (yay, this one is pink too, C.C. should love this colour for her fighting arms XD).

It will be revealed something about her past and her relation with Marianne , Charles and V.V. . Her desire to die will lead her to understand what is the real meaning of life when someone is really important for you and this will be thanks to Lelouch that in Turn 15 will tell her to stop this will and to smile, living her life. Due to this fact, she will hide in herself, turning back to when she was a little slave, even if her body remains the one of a 16 years girl. Marianne, in Anya's body, will be the person who will menage to take her back, understanding why she did that sort of thing.

She will remain the only one who won't ever betray Lelouch and will stay by his side till the end. She will be his shield , as Suzaku said when they talked about the Zero Requiem.

At the end of the story, she will be smiling and continue to travel around the world upon a cart {and a mysterious carter ♥ }.

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