Their relationship started when they met for the first time in the ship that was taking Certy in Japan. Shinra was just 4, but he already worked as "doctor" with his father (he teached him how to dissect and such zomg), so, seeing a Dullahan as her, was like a jackpot for him. From that moment on, Certy decided to accept the offer to be examinated by them, but in exchange, they should give hospitality to her. It was a chance more for Certy to find her head, anyway, so she seized the opportunity since she had nowhere to go.

    Going on and living together, Shinra helped her to find a job and, his interest was no longer just examinating her, but he fell in love with Certy. Shinra has a very strange and marked personality, that allows him to be very expansive with everyone around him, and Certy is often involved with his delirium, but the most of the times, she enjoys to diminish him, hitting his body where she can (she regularly beats him when he makes something strange or that she doesn't like).

    They're very close, even if at times it can't seem. Even if Certy doesn't have a head, Shinra can understand her feelings and always tries to cheer her up and to do everything he can to let her be happy. From her part, Certy has really strong feelings for Shinra, but she's very proud and, above all, she doesn't want to admit her love for him.

    What Shinra wants, is to marry her, but she doesn't agree with him, because, before to make a big step like that, she wants to be sure to have her head. Shinra doesn't really care about it, but still, she replies that she doesn't want to. He is sure that if Certy would find her head, she will come back to Ireland, where she lived before they knew each other, forgetting about him. Surely, this won't happen, but Shinra is Shinra... and he knew about Certy's head, he knew where it was and he was the person who made the plastical surgery to Harima Mika's face. When Certy found it out, suddenly come back at home and beated him again, stronger than she could. Shinra talked with her and told her the truth and his fears, she understood and then, from that moment, when she hugged him, their love was consolidated.

    Certy always wants the best for Shinra, and she shows it especially when she goes out with him and makes sure that he would call back Izaya after that he knew that he was in the hospital. In addition, Certy once cooked for him, but was very nervous about it, because she couldn't taste the food and was unsure about the final result.

    It's wonderful to see the difference between how Shinra calls Certy "My Honey" and Certy calls Shinra "you" or simply by his name! XD I love them, there's nothing better or more lovely than them in this series.♥ ♥ ♥