You reached Love at the first Sight, the fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Kishitani Shinra & Certy Sturluson, characters of the light novel Durarara!!<3

    I feel very lucky to own this fanlisting, because Certy and Shinra are my favourite couple, I adore them! Their relationship is lovable, even if it's very hard to understand at a certain point... But still, I think they're one of the best couple I've ever knew!<3<3

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November 27, 2010: The fanlisting reached 25 members!! *---* Thanks a lot for your support~
May 12, 2010:
OMG I've been approved for the crosslisting at TAFL!! Thank you so much!!! *----* ❤❤❤❤
April 06, 2010:
I wrote the part dedicated to the relationship!♥
April 02, 2010:
Profiles added! :D
April 01, 2010:
Not an april's fool XD I've added the image gallery!<3
March 27, 2010:
Added a fanfiction written by me, omg.
March 26, 2010:
The fanlisting is up today, yeah!<3 I inserted the icons too, I hope to finish soon all the other sections!<3
March 25, 2010:
The layout is up! :D



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