ANGE & FEATHERINNE Augustus Aurora ç_ç

Just called by Ange "Featherinne", this is the witch that she meets in Episode 6: Dawn of the Golden Witch.

Ange and Juza meet her, that introduces herself as Hachijou Touya, a writer, showing her real identity only when Ange and her remain alone.

She's the Theatrics-Watching Witch, so she's the author of stories called as the title of the six Episodes of Umineko's game. She ask to Ange to read for the the development of the Episode 6 and after a moment of hesitation, Ange accepts. Featherinne is sometone that wants to help Ange to find the truth of Rokkenjima.
She treats Ange as a child and she pray her a lot of times to treat her as a woman.
This is all we can know about their relation, the rest in the next Episode, in August 2010! XD

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