Since Eva was the only survivor from the tragedy of Rokkenjima, when she turned back home she was constrincted to takes care of her only niece, Ange.
Eva can't accept the death of her family, and she totally rejects Ange's precence.
She commits to someone else to takes care of her and every times she's constrincted to spend time with Ange, she treats her as a stupid, insulting even her parents.
The person that Eva chose to takes care of Ange is Amakusa Juza, who will become her bodyguard in future (and Eva told him to doesn't tell this to Ange). He's an amazing person and even if Ange thinks that is a "biiiit" strange, she likes her and she can be sure that he'll always be by her side.

Eva dies insulting Ange and screaming to her that she'll never reveal the truth about Rokkenjima, and that the only thing she needs to leave to her is the title of Beatrice, that is like a course.

Only during her journey to Rokkenjima Ange can understand the truth about Eva, and in that moment, she can kill with her hands the lost soul of the aunt, wich happiness to her in Hell, asking to wait for her.
That is the moment in which Ange can evocates the Seven Sisters and makes them able to kill for her. Now she understood all and she's ready to forgive Eva for all her sins.

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