In the realty of 1998, where Ange is totally alone, we can say that Maria is her only bond with life.
Ange reads Maria's Diary, and since she eredited the title of Endless Witch and Golden Witch from Eva, she possesses a big quantity of magic into herself, so she can see Maria and also Sakutaro, discuting together with them of Maria's diary pages.
Maria reports to her the best and happiest moments of her life, and Ange always smile spending time with a person that can understand her feelings.
Maria and Ange are very similar, they're target of bullism, they're alone, people shun them for different reasons but the result is the same, they can't believe in the others.
Maria is a child that loves and believes in magic and occultism, the other children think that she's crazy, obviously ignoring her.
Ange is hit from her schoolmates because even if all them are girls of aristocrats families, she's the only heir apparent of the powerful Ushiromiya's family. Eva left all to her, all except the truth about the tragedy of Rokkenjima, where she was the only survivor.
Maria is who teachs to Ange how she have to use magic, revealing to her that is thanks to her capacities that Sakutaro is alive and he can speak.
Ange's biggest desire is to have a friend, and believeing with all herself in Maria, she makes her best to becomes a witch like her.

Ange succesfully become able to invoke in a first moment only Mammon, but after her, the Seven Sisters of Purgatory (precedent Beatrice's fornitures) and they become her friends! Especially Mammon, that becomes her best friend.
Ange spends moments of happiness with them, but her choolmates never stopped to hurt her in all the possible ways, so Ange decides to kill them, but not with her hands, but giving orders to the Seven Sisters. They can't help her if she isn't ready to makes her hands dirty, so Ange does the most destructive things she could make: to negate magic and not just the Seven Sisters and her best friend, but Sakutaro.

From this moment she remains alone again, until the moment in which she'll understand WHY she's alone and what's the real different between Maria and her.
Magic is love, Magic is believing in it! Maria can be happy using her sadness and making it as happiness, thing that Ange can't concept. Understanding her mistakes, she becomes able to resurrects Sakutaro and renders it to Maria, releasing her soul, corrupted by the death of her best friend.

Maria never hated Ange, because living a life very similar to the one of her, she can understand her feelings, and when Ange turns back Sakutaro to her, Maria shows all her feelings for Ange: love, love & love!

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