Battler is Ange's beloved big-brother and the dearest person for her.
Her happiest memories are the ones of her childhood, when she lived with her father (Rudolph), her mother (Kyrie) and obviously, who she waited for every years for her birthday: Battler. Ange's precious treasures are her hairpins, that Battler gifted to her during a day in which they made shopping together. Battler's smile warm up Ange's heart and this is the reason why in 1998 she can't accept the death of all her family, especially of him, without know nothing about the causes and the circumstances in Rokkenjima.
Ange decides to start a journey to reach the island in order to find the truth, always thinking about the precious words of her brother.
When she accepts the alliance with Bernkastel, and she becomes able to meet Battler in 1986, during the battler between him and Beatrice, she's finally happy again after 12 years.

That moment is very touching not just because knowing Ange's sorrowful heart we can image her feelings, but because she can't reveal her name to Battler, she's an existence of another world and another epoque.
Needing to use a nick-name, she chose Gretel (as Gretel from Hansel & Gretel, the two brother of the fairytail) and since that moment she starts to help Battler against Beatrice.
Battler doesn't understand Ange's real identity, he've never known that the 18 years old girl beside him could be his beloved little sister of 6!
When Battler loses his reson to fight and it seems that Beatrice was about to win the game, Ange decides to reveal to him her real identity, finally destructing her mack of indifference.
Ange cries, she says to him that she feels alone and for 12 years she lived without a reson, like a doll. That her life is totally useless and he needs to know that in that moment there's a little girl to home that is waiting for him and her family, that that child will live a horrible life if they won't turn back, praying for the saveness of him, the family and Ange's existence.
Revealing her real identity Ange is conctrincted to pay for the violations of the rules, and she dies embracing her beloved brother, asking to him to don't look at her in that moment.
She bleeds, her body is contracting for the pain and at the end, the only things that remains of her are her hairbands, that Battler keeps in his hands, crying.

I really love that moment, is so touching and intense... Ange and Battler's bond is something that even death can't break.

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