Kinya Kotani (コタニ キンヤ, born July 16, 1979), also known as KINYA, is a male singer and actor from Saitama, Japan. His songs were made into theme songs for the hit anime Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and Gravitation. His blood type is B.

In Gravitation, Kotani was the singing voice for the lead singer of 'Bad Luck', Shuichi Shindou.

Kinya was previously in a band called Mad Soldiers. They released a mini-album called Mads Laboratory before Kinya released his solo singles. Mad Soldiers is also the backing band that performs the music in his songs, and they have also played at Kinya's concerts.

Kinya has also played Nagase Kenji in the J-Drama Love Story which aired from April 15, 2001 to June 24, 2001 in Japan.

Kinya also played at Voice actor (Seiyu) of Magma in Animation Spider Riders which aired from March 25, 2006 to April 29, 2007 in Japan.

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