"Come, try to close your eyes. And try to remember. What form did you have? It was surely a very, very beautiful form. Please, show me that form one more time."

    It was with this spell that Virgilia, the now former Beatrice, was going to fix a pot that had been broken by little Beatrice. The child was crying because that vase was very important for her grandfather, and surely, the fact that she had broken it, was equivalent to a very terrible punishment. Virgilia decided to help that little child, but, at the same time, she taught her that, even if things are fixed with magic, it won't surely last forever, and that magic is used to make people happy. In fact, after some minutes, a cat will enter in the mansion, breaking the same vase and giving it the same fate that had been established. Beatrice was surely charmed from that kind of magic, and told to her servant that she would like to become like her one day. Virgilia agreed with her, and told her to become her disciple.

    This was narrated as a dream that Beato had while waiting for the next Game. In fact, in that moment, the Seven Sisters of the Purgatory were about to ask her if she could revive Battler, who became their prey. In fact, Beato gave him to them in order to kill him all the times they wanted, and they were so amused that couldn't stop playing. When Beato was about to revive him, she decided that he was the one who should remember his form, because "she couldn't recall it so well", LOL. Beato, after telling him that she was the king of the Mount Purgatory, told him that if he accepted her as a witch, she would leave him, but there was absolutely no way he could do it, so, yeah, the torture continued.

    Beato will show us the way she teaches magic to her disciple Maria. The little child was crying because she couldn't find her rose in the garden of the mansion. Beatrice, who appeared next to her, said that that rose was already dead because of the strong wind that was there. Maria didn't lost heart and asked her if she could revive it: Beato told her that she could, but she wouldn't do it. Maria continued to cry and to freak out, so Beato tried to help her, saying that she would help just a little, but it was Maria the one who should try to revive it. With the magic that Maria already possessed. they menaged to revive the rose, leaving a happy smiling face on Maria.

    It was already time, anyway, and Beato was called by the fool and crazy Kinzo who was throwing away his ring to her, in order to start the new Game. When it was arriving to her, it seems floating around kindly, and she noticed that it was because one of her servants was there, appearing for the first time after that Beato gained a lot more of her power: it was Ronove, the 27th among the strongest demons, who made a contract with Beato at a high price. It was with this that the game was about to start!

    Coming back in the Purgatory, Ronove got acquainted with Battler in a very strange way that seemed very funny to Beato who thought that the two of them were so friendly after just a little time they saw each other, and said that she was kinda jealous! XD Anyway, Beato talks about what she wanted to do once that the door to the Golden Land was open: she wanted to summon all her furniture and make a new Castle in Rokkenjima, making a party with all her friends and celebrate for three days and three nights. Surely in the last Game, Battler lost all himself, and it was due to this that Beato couldn't stop rolling on the floor for what happened, but still, the two of them continued to get under their skin. And Battler continued to let her bullying him because everytime she talked, he couldn't understand a single line: even for the explication of Hempel's Raven (that was Beato's speciality), Ronove had to try and give his own explainations.

    Then, Beato started to introduce her past. It was really difficult to her to narrate, but she started anyway. She lived in Kuwadorian, the mansion that is inside the woods in Rokkenjima, that was her only home. She lived there since she was a child, and she didn't know anyone but Kinzo, who she considered as a father or her best friend. She continually asked him "Who am I?" because the only thing that Kinzo told her, was that her name was Beatrice and that she had the power of a witch inside of her, even though, she couldn't use it. This is because, at the begin, Beatrice was the witch who lived for a thousand years, and that was then summoned by Kinzo, who forced her to remain in that place for the rest of her life. The witch that made a contract with him: she should hid herself in the mansion until it was over, but........ Kinzo fell in love with her. We can call this an urequitted love, since she didin't love him back. He tried many times to court her, but she rejected him, he even tried to force her, but she never nodded in agreement at him. At the end, Beato reached an unique solution: she had to commit suicide and gave away her body of flseh, or else, she couldn't escape from that shitty man. When Kinzo found out about it, he forbid her to go away even if she was a single soul: Kinzo created a homunculus and shutted her soul inside of it, in a singular word, Beatrice bore again in a test tube. Her life as a little girl started again, and the person that we knew and was inside Kuwadorian was this girl who couldn't even remember her name. When she heard that Battler couldn't believe what she said, she started to fly into a rage and went away from there. It was Ronove the person who continued to narrate her life. With his words, Battler could understand in "his way". The butler, at the end of the narration, told him that, in this way, he couldn't think that there was a 19th person. But, after a bit, Beato appeared again, telling to Battler the last important things about her life. Once she died after that she meet Rosa, her body lost the soul of the witch that was imprisoned inside of it, but, she couldn't gain quickly her appearance, so she had to stay quiet as soul, and she had even to hide herself from the sun. Kinzo made the possible to slow down the process of Beato's recover with Eastern Magic, that she couldn't contrast. And with that, she had to wait longer to become what she was in this moment: Kinzo, at that time, made the possible for not letting her escaping from the island. With this, Beato adds the fact that she can't make anything against this kind of magic, and with her usual comparison made with food, she says that "it was as if I had given chopsticks instead of a spoon for some soop that I couldn't drink." Anyway, Kinzo's dream would be fulfilled in the moment in which the 13 people will be sacrificed, as the epitaph says. The curious thing is that Kinzo's presence, anyway, wouldn't be sure to be present at the moment of her rebirth, since up to that moment, five people should be left alive.

    This time, anyway, Beato was kinda happy of the fact that she selected Kinzo as first sacrifice for the First Twilight, but, before that it begun, she finished the long chess match that was in pending since the last time they saw each other. With the last move of her queen, Beato won the match and burnt Kinzo's body in an instant (even if he was happy of having seen her again). It was not a big match between Beato and Kanon this time, but the furniture got always angry when it was something about the witch that he hated this much. But, Beato said she was kind with people who were about to die~ so she told Kanon that she wanted to be gracious with him with a little help: if he would defeat the Seven Sisters of the Purgatory, she would give him the chance to choose the person who were going to become sacrifices for the first Twilight. When she said that the last real thing was that she never broke a promise, Kanon was persuaded by these words and decided to get in the fight. After that he fought against Lucifer and won the fight, anyway, he should fight against all the remaining sisters (even if he hadn't understand this clause since the very begin). Shannon fought together with him, and, when they were about to can't stand it any longer, Genji helped them to die, leaving Beato in a rage, because she wanted to play in a better way with them.

    After killing all the furnitures as sacrifices for the first twilight, Beato couldn't count on the Seven Sisters of the Purgatory to do it, because, apparently inside Kumawasawa's body, there was an old acquaintance of Beato: it was her Master, that we knew about at the begin of this story. She told her disciple that the fact that she yield the name of Beatrice to her was her only regret, and, in order to get it back again, they fight each other, to test who's the strongest. The battle will be really wonderful, the two of them will make their best in order to don't lose. At the end, the Master is the one who thinks to win the match, and tries to take back again Beatrice's power (so the Beato we know would become a human again), even if... she understands that, Beatrice was the winner since the beginning, because she had a trump card. So, it was a defeat for her Master that, when she was just an apprentice, idolized very much. This fight was a proof that magic existed, and in front of Battler's eyes, it couldn't be possible. The boy cried hard (as usual LOL), and told Beato to go away and don't show her face to him anymore. The witch at the begin was mocking him again, but after seeing a scene like this, was a bit upset from Battler's behaviour.

    After that Battler get back to his usual personality, together with Virgilia, he tries to confute Beato's murders with a trap X, person X and similar XD, but Beatrice arrives at a point in which she is saying too much in red, even for Battler. After a lot of nonsense, she can't help to become mad at them, but luckily, Ronove will stop her, taking her apart. When she came back, she decided to resign for this turn. This thing left Battler a bit puzzled, and since Beato's expression was kinda pathetic, he decided to not interfere and to behave like the winner.

    We can see a completely different Beato in this game: while she's with Battler, she can't help but to mock him, but when she's with her Master, she's totally another person. For example, she asked her if there was something that she knew and that could help her with Battler, and Beato was really insistent, as if she were a child who wanted a toy and was asking her mother to buy it for her. Virgilia couldn't listen any longer to her words and decided to let her understand which was her real goal, and to don't linger with other things. In the meanwhile, Eva found the gold and solved the riddle of the epitaph.

    In this moment, Beatrice will become the former, and at the end of the tenth twilight, Eva would eventually become the new Beatrice, with her powers and name. There is a big celebration for the new Beatrice, and Beato will be like a guide for her, and will give her as a present a new dress! ♥ Obviously Battler couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that his aunt became the new Beatrice finding the gold, but that was the truth. Beato asked him, pleased, to find her another name, because the name of Beatrice no longer belonged to her, but he replied in a grumpy way that the perfect name for her was just Beato, and it fit perfectly. Battler, anyway, was shocked from Eva, but at the same time, was happy and congratulated with her to become the new head of the family after a long and heavy life, so he clapped his hands and Beato made the same after a bit. They went a long for a bit, and both of them realized that this thing was kinda strange because they should be opponents. But the truth was that both of them were happy of it.

    After the second twilight, since Battler couldn't help the fact that Beato was making him suffering like this, killing his family, he said that he didn't wanted to see her again until the moment in which she would became a true witch, and, as Virgilia explained to him, a real witch is the one who uses magic to make the others happy. Beato was astonished by these words, and she couldn't make anything but trying to clear herself... even if she was the culprit. Battler disappeared in the darkness and Beato was left alone, neither Virgilia nor Ronove were still by her side, she was left all alone, until the moment that she decided to go and talk to the new Beatrice. She was playing with Rosa, killing her and reviving her as sacrifice of the second twilight, and at the moment in which she decided to play with Maria too, Beato appeared, telling her to stop to be this crazy and evil and become more... elegant! EVA Beatrice was sure to be a perfect match for her, because she was not evil as the former Beatrice was before her, and wanted to make great murders like her. Beato told her to don't be like that anyway, and the same was for Ronove and the Seven Sisters. With this, Beato was sure to have gained some points with Battler, but the boy didn't share the same opinion: in fact, even if she told him that she wasn't the one who killed this time, he didn't care about it, because that didn't changed the fact that she already killed his family lot of times. Beato was really sad about this, and the fact that Battler still couldn't accept her as opponent and that prefered Ronove to her, was even sadder, so she decided to leave the game to him and to disappear. While she was away, Ronove tried to defend her, saying to Battler that she had never been talked like this, but still, Battler didn't wanted to make the same mistake with her.

    When she left, she went again where EVA was, and tried to convince her about the problems that she could have with humans, because if they have a strong will-power to deny the power of magic, they can even kill witches like them. EVA, anyway, was not interested in those things, because she wanted to do anything she wanted, and didn't wanted to obey nor to Beato's order neither to Battler's desires, adding, with nonchalance that for her, Beato was just a granny (and this will be the way she will call her and Battler). Beato was shocked by this lack of kindness of the new witch, and after seeing the terrible Siesta Sisters starting attacking for the next twilights, came back to Battler, since Ronove and Virgilia tried to convince him that Beato was changing in many ways and that she was doing her best. At the same time, he couldn't still acknoledge her as a witch and above all, as his opponent. Beato's face become before of different expressions, and after being treated like a witch apprentice (this is how Battler considered her), she started to cry. Battler was astonished by this suddendly change, and asked her to stop being this pitiful, but she replied that she couldn't hold back her feelings, it was impossible for her. Maybe Battler was starting to think that she was probably really changing her mind, and tried to spur on her, saying that he won't ever leave the game so that she would win automatically, he will wait until she would become a real witch that could be match for him.

    Beato was accidentally listening to George's thoughts: he was muttering to himself that he could understand Kinzo's feelings to use Black Magic in order to get back her lover. The former Endless Witch couldn't help herself to think that maybe this time she could do something for him and try, in this way, to improve her chances to become again a witch. In fact, she wasn't powerfull any longer, and, in order to help George, she had to count on his strenght, but not the power of a human: the power of love. Thanks to this he could fly, and, with the little help of Beato, he could revive Shannon for a bit. Beatrice was starting to remember and to regret what she had done in the past: she always laughed looking down at humans who lost their lives, but this wasn't the right thing to do. Witches live in order to help humans with their magic. When she felt to be tired of the spell she used to let George and Shannon embrace again, she remembered when Virgilia praised her for the first time when she made something a bit more difficult with magic... and wasn't that the same person that she had killed? Even if she was starting to regret about this too, Virgilia appeared in front of her to save her life that was in trouble because of the Siesta Sister's attack. Luckily Beato menaged to go away from there becoming an almost powerless butterfly that hid herself in the dark.

    After that George and Shannon were dead, Beato didn't surrender herself and tried to help in the same way Kanon and Jessica. This last one, who was injured accidentally to her eyes by a shot fired from Eva's handgun, was able to meet again with Kanon and to reach a room thanks to his help, even if she couldn't see anything. Beato was the butterfly who lead them in that safe place, and, even after that she was in front of EVA, continued to fight against her, because now she had realized what was the real power of the Infinite Witch, she was able to become again a witch. And in fact, even if the Siesta's Sisters continued to sew her body before and then her heart, she persevered to smile, because she knew that the title she had, couldn't be reached by EVA neither in a thousand years. After that she was very tired, Battler walked towards her, saying that she was no longer her opponent, because in this case... it was EVA.

    Even if at the begin Beato couldn't understand his words, Battler repeated again that his opponent was EVA, because she was an impostor who was trying to steal the Golden Witch's name, and he couldn't allow that. So, when they find themselves in the Purgatory, Battler starts to attack EVA's words, trying to win her red, and at the begin it is quite simple because she doesn't know how to use it well or what it is, but when she understands it, she becomes a reckless opponent. When Beato sees that Battler can't do anything else, she tries to help him with his same method: his way to turn the chessboard over. When she will help him trying to find something in Kyrie's body, she will be under pressure because EVA will start and continue to insult her, hurting her feelings. Luckily, Battler's words of gratitude, will let her leave a sigh of relief, but her heart was hurted the same, even because he continued to say that she was not still a witch. At the end, Beato found out just a method to kill EVA before the last twilight was going to arrive: declaring in red that she was not a witch. This was really admirable from her, because she would get the same end, along with Virgilia and Ronove, who supported her until the very end.

    After defeating EVA, Battler found himself in a place where he couldn't understand where it was located, but, there was Beato leaning against his back. Battler now could realize that after what she had done, she became a real witch. After these kind words, the two of them will arrive in the Golden Land, where there will be all Battler's siblings, leaving him speachless because of too many surprises. He and Beato really seemed to get along very well, and they almost seem a couple of lovers who can't do anything but fight and then smile to that argue. When they were talking with the others, Kinzo and Virgilia invited them to sign something, in which there was written that Battler would acknowledge Beato as witch. It was very simple, because he had already done a thing like this, but Beato and Virgilia started to be hasty with him, and to make bad and evil faces, trying to convince him to do as soon as he could. Even a goat forced him to take the ballpoint pen in order to sign. At that point Battler understood something, but wanted to convince himself that it couldn't be possible, so asked Beato if she could be that kind of person, and she replied with a happy and evil smile that she really was that kind of person. She decided to do it because of an idea of her Master, and studied hard with anime, manga and otome games XD in order to act perfectly the part of the good girl. Seeing Battler's reaction, it was sure that she succeded in it, and she said that this technique was called "The North Wind and the Sun Strategy".

    Unfortunately for Beato, another pawn appeared in the chessboard, and this new girl menaged to convince Battler that he was going down because of his stupidity: was he playing happily with the witch? Beato, at first, was annoyed by this girl, and indeed, she underlined the fact that Battler was her toy, and that she won't ever get tired of him., and absolutely, she didn't wanted to give him to another person like her. But Battler understood the problem and Beato accepted this girl in the game as a pawn of the witch Bernkastel, even because she understood the real identity of this girl.

    During the Tea Party, we find out that Beato is playing Higurashi no Naku koro ni! XDD And that she hasn't still finished it. And even that Santa came to her up to when she was twelve! <3 The most important thing about her, here, is that she is used like a pawn from Lambdadelta, who tells her to always win her games in order to make Bernkastel lose, or she won't be that kind and will let her return into her original form. They made a pact, and Lambdadelta heard from Bernkastel that Beato was not serious about it, because she didn't care about who would be the winner. Beato didn't know how to reply to her accuses, and, before disappearing, she assured Lambdadelta that she would always win.


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