Finally in this game, we can know much more about Beato. In fact, she's the one who helps Shannon with her emotional problems. She pretends to be her friend and gives her an amulet that would eventually help her to remain with her beloved George for the rest of her life. Beato tries to gain her trust visiting her more and more, and, above all, she is grateful to her because she always clean perfectly her portrait (LOL XD). So, they spend many time together, talking about Shannon's progresses in love and similar things. Beato, many times, protects her from Natsuhi, and once, she even hit her head with the pipe, in order to make her have a headache. During their discussions, many times Beato let us think a bit about herself and her past relation with Kinzo, because she often doesn't refrain herself to talk and tells many hints about a love that became really heavy for her. But it seems a thing that hurts her very much, so she doesn't want neither to explain nor to widen the discussion.

    In order to let Battler understand that it is because of magic that all these things as deaths and similar happen, she appears in her human form and before going into the Ushiromiya's house, she meets Rosa and Maria, to who gives two letters. She left all the persons in the house without words, because they absolutely don't know that a 19th person was coming, and, especially, they wanted to know who was this one that, for them, was just trying to steal in some ways the heir of their father.

    Beato was introducent by Genji in her appropriate room, that was called the Honor Guest Room. That room had never been used, but Kinzo left it there because he knew that one day it would surely be used by Beatrice; so it was cleaned very well each day, in order to be ready every time that she would come. Anyway, while she was taken there, she was seen by Kyrie, who asked herself if that was the real and so much-discussed guest, that all were talking about: she realized that she was the same person of the portrait, but still, she was not that sure that she was the real one.

    Beato was discussed from all the people in that house, and many asked to Nanjo and the servants if there was a close relationship between a Beatrice and Kinzo. The servants didn't knew much about her, just the rumors that existed from a lot of time ago, but that had no foundation. Nanjo was unsure too, but he said to the guys, that for sure, Kinzo had a lover even if he didn't know if they had children or not. In this way, Beatrice was still unknown to all, and the siblings decided to go and check by themselves if she was a daughter of the real Beatrice, Beatrice herself or something else. The final result will be that they will recognize her as witch, saying that she "exists".

    During this period, Beato is in the Purgatory too, and let Battler see everything that happen during her Game. The boy is always freaked out by the things she does, and always enrages with her and her decisions. The most of the times, she asks her to stop her game, because it is very painful just to see everything and can't make a singular move in the board... but she was there because of this, to admit that the witch "exists". They will start to get more and more close from this episode on! Beato will ask him to call her like this since the persons that are near to her do it, and Battler starts to! ❤ He will be desperate at the end of the game, because she will convince him that is impossible to believe that all the things that happen can exist without the use of magic. Battler, in his torment, will tell her that he will believe to all the things she said, that she exists and similars, but she would have to tell him in which way and how she menaged to do everything. Beato will tell everything to him, and at the end, he will become her toy, that she will love with all herself. ❤❤❤ She will show him to everyone once that she will be in the Golden Land, making Bernkastel sick! XDD Before going there, she will leave him get her dressed for this particular situation, telling him to pay attention to the buttons of her silk dress that surely counted more than one of his eyes.

    While there are the differents Twilights, we find out many things about Beato's personality, especially what she thinks about love in general and what kind of things let her be happy because they sound funny to her. She will always fight with Kanon, because, since the very beginning, he doesn't believe to her and what she says to Shannon. He always made her very angry, but she usually doesn't kill him just because is Shannon to ask, and Beato have to continue her "game" with her too. Kanon is a key for her, because she blackmails him saying that if Shannon will accept George's love, she will be the scape goat of the second twilight, where the lovers are turned apart. Kanon will try in every way to convince Shannon, but she will support her feelings until the very end. When Beato talks with Kanon, she understands that he's a very particular furniture, and she's so pleased by him that she will decide to separate two different lovers, that will be him and Jessica. In fact, after the deaths of Krauss and Natsuhi, Kanon will understand how important is Jessica for him, and the fact that, inside of him, he has never been a furniture. When Beato understood his real feelings, decided to kill them as soon as she could, and, with the help of some of the Seven Stakes of the Purgatory, she will kill Kanon (even if he tried to protect Jessica with his powers) after that Jessica tried to save him from an attack to his shoulders, without letting him saying his real name to the girl that unfortunately died right when he was going to talk. His identity will then be used as a fake person in order to kill for the other Twilights.

    Beato doesn't have a big esteem in men, because she thinks that their only goal is the body of a woman (she's not altogether wrong, LOL). She says that there are three ways to hurt a woman, and these are: hitting her with a knife (obviously), hurting her in the heart and the last one is to betray her hopes. These things are said when she talks with Kanon about Jessica, and it is even because of this that the furniture understands what should be his real role.

    Even if she's very childish, we can see that she's a sincere person (when she wants and she doesn't lie XD), and she even says in red that she always keep her promises. In fact, she say many times that is true that if someone will solve the riddle, she will lead them to the Golden Land. A very funny thing is that she often makes comparisons with food, especially with sweets!

    About love, Beato speaks frankly. She says exactly "Love is the single element of the world. In other words, everything of this world. ..... When that is not fulfilled, it means the world is not fulfilled.", romantic, ne?♥

    At the begin of the game, she talks with Shannon and tells her to break a mirror that is situated in a shrine that is visible when a person is about to reach Rokkenjima. That mirror obstructed Beato's power, that in this way, couldn't be at its whole glory. Shannon, blinded from the love she proves for George, will broke it without hesitation, but she will regret of this once she understood whta kind of person Beato is.


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