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    I adore Araragi-kun from the bottom of my heart because he's an adorable pervert! XD When I watched Bakemonogatari for the first time I thought he would become a more "normal" character, and instead... I can find a pervert up until the end of the series (until now), so I said "okay, he's like this, but still..." ...I still like him too much! ❤ I think he's just himself and always makes things that I won't think that could happen: he's really unpredictable! And I especially love this part of his personality! Though it is difficult, he's always there to make his best for the others, even if they're not people he knows. I'm so happy about the improvements he made with Hitagi, and I hope he will always continue to be the wonderful character he is! *--* I like very much the way he treats his sisters, though I don't like the pervert part of this side! XD In this case I think there would be a "keep out" sign... especially in some hard parts with Karen... +_+ I was impressed to see his vampire part too, that is the most obscure and less known, and I still want to find out more and more about him!  ❤

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan! *--*


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