Akiyama Shinichi is the protagonist of the seinen manga Liar Game.
This series got a Drama adaptation, so Akiyama became a person a bit different than the boy he's in the manga.
His personality is quiet and cold, but he isn't the kind of person that leaves alone who need a hand. He's specialized in Psychology, his mind is a mistery but his intelligence is awesome. He can solve the most difficult case simply thinking about it in a couple of minutes.


Akiyama is an orphan.
He doesn't have a father and he lost her mother for a big debit that she contracted from a society of money-lenders. She can't find the money, so they drove her to commit suicide because the debit was fooly high.
Akiyama, that up to that time was a normal and gentle boy, became evil and, hackeraking that society, decreed its defeat.
He lived many years in prison and only the meeting with Nao, a honest and loyal girl, brought him to use his intelligence in order to help the others once more. From that moment on, he starts again to believe in someone: her.


His character is one of the most complicated I met in my life.
We never know what's in Akiyama's thoughts, because he's always quiet and he smiles in many weird situations, even if they're critic.
He has a very strong personality, a mind that cannot forget and forgive his sad past, but that can try to go on in order to change something in the heart of the others.
Akiyama makes Nao's dream his dream, and becoming part of the Liar Game he helps her and the other opponents, trying to teach them to be honest like Nao.


Even if he tried to hide his feelings, Akiyama's heart is big and warm. He's always from Nao's part and her closeness became for him motivation of a sincere smile. In my personal opinion, he's a good and sensitive person that needs more love and happyness. His life is hard to live but if he'll continue to stay near a close person, he would smile again opening his heart.