Hi! Welcome to "The Truth behind a LIE", a fanlisting for the amazing Akiyama Shinichi (protagonist of the manga and Drama Liar Game), approved by TAFL and TFL!

Akiyama is a genius, a boy that has been victim of a cruel destiny since his childhood. He lost her mother, freedom and the most important thing: the way to believe in the people and in the world.

One day, the meeting whit Kanzaki Nao (the heroine of the story) changes his destiny and he has the possibility to reedem himself and believe again in someone.
In the manga he's a sort of "a good Light Yagami", a boy with a special QI that nobody can understand, so he hates the world. But he doesn't want to destroy the humanity, simply, he lives without having a contact with nobody else. In the Drama he's more evil and he uses his smartness in order to be more cruel with his enemies. His personality is a bit different but his leadership, his intelligence and his intense characterization make him one of the most charming man I've ever seen.

I adopted this fanlisting from the sweet Suzumi in March 2009, so I want to thank her with all my heart, I'm absolutely proud and happy to own Akiyama's fanlisting! Thank you very much to let me the possibility to take care of it!!

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