3X Tytannial, Princess Of Camellias
3X Botanical Lion
3X Lord Poison
2X Gigaplant
2X Twilight Rose Knight
2X Debris Dragon
2X Lonefire Blossom
1X Morphing Jar
1X Dandylion

2X Mark Of The Rose
2X Miracle Fertilizer
2X Smashing Ground
2X Mystical Space Typhoon
1X Swords Of Revealing Light
1X Giant Trunade
1X Book Of Moon
1X Foolish Burial
1X Monster Reborn
1X Dark Hole

1X Mirror Force
1X Wall Of Thorns
1X Dimensional Prison
2X Bottomless Trap Hole
1X Torrential Tribute
1X Call Of The haunted
1X Pollinosis

Extra Deck:
3X Black Rose Dragon
3X Queen Of Thorns

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