Hello! Welcome to "A Justice made of Lies and Hate", the TFL the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Akechi Goro , a protagonist from the game, manga and anime series Persona 5, created and developed by the company Atlus!

Akechi is an ace detective famous for his talent. He is considered the new Detective Prince after Shirogane Naoto, so people say about him that this is the Second Advent of Detective Prince.

Akechi is a quiet, kind and serious person. He looks mature and smart. Everything of him is admired by people, and his talent as detective is recognized by everyone. He appears like a perfect student and a perfect guy who is very passionate about his investigations, but there is a heavy true behind his way to be... or may it be better to say, his way to "appear".
He is the last person to join Joker's party and he has a very great and secret ability about his Persona.

For major spoilers, feel free to read his profile, because if you are still playing the game this is too much to read.
But Dear God, I love this guy so much. He is really something. I am into Persona Series by a lot of years and he is the best of the best that I have ever seen (or at least, my very favorite character)!!!

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