Name: Akari
Surname: Ozora
Age: 14
Birthday: April 1st
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother
Mentor: Hoshimiya ichigo
Units: Luminas (with Hinaki & Sumire), Skips (with Madoka-chan)
Appeal Rank:
Starlight Gakuen
Occupation: Student, Idol, Starlight Queen, Weather Girl.
Brand: Dreamy Crown
Sena Tsubasa
She likes: Mandarines, Oranges, Chocolate, Donuts, Watermelons, Curry.


Akari-chan is the heroine of the second generation of idols from the series. I consider her the most developed characters among them. She decided to become an idol because of her admiration for Hoshimiya Ichigo, but later she needed to find a true herself to really follow her own Aikatsu! style and shine properly, like only Ozora Akari could do.
And she worked so hard, SO HARD. She failed the first selection to be accepter as student of the famous Starlight Gakuen, she copied Ichigo in a lot of ways and she cried her most bitter tears trying he best but without archiving any really relevant result. She's the person that more than ahyone else suffered for being a normal girl that considered impossible shining like Ichigo or Mizuki, or the most important idols of the academy.
She also chose to become the weather girl and having a hard time sleeping only a bit and starting her day at 4:00 AM or such. And obviously, she never renounced to her passionate idol activities, that were always her first and last thought for the whole day.

Really... I think her will to fight and to realize her dreams was the reason why I started loving her so much and supporting her from the bottom of my heart, until the end. Always, more than anyone else in this series.
To me, Akari-chan represents the biggest satisfaction after sacrifices, because everything she got was thanks to her continue efforts.

And finally, at the end of the series, she succesfully did something that no one got to reach: she became Starlight Queen. She performed a SA-Rank Special Appeal overcoming even the omnipotent Sumire, who started her career with success since the very first begin but now was defeated.


I follow Aikatsu! from a long time, but Akari-chan's story was what made me fall into the series. Now it's finished, so I wanted to spend at least some words to thank it.
The reason why I called this site "How I learned to Dream" is that Akari-chan's first introduction at the Starlight Academy touched my heart so much. I think that what she said that time that she announced herself as "Hoshimiya Ichigo" instead of Ozora Akari because she was nervous, made me think for two years. She said a lot of things full of admiration for Ichigo, but what really means is that only important thing about her own self. Akari-chan said that Ichigo-chan teached her how to dream, and everytime I think of Aikatsu!
I can't help but thinking the same about me. Because this series really teached me a lot of things about friendship, willpower and passionate idol activities. I laughed with these girls so much, I prayed for Akari-chan, I lived and dreamed with idols with all the heart. So... The title is dedicated to myself more than Akari-chan.

Thank you Aikatsu!. Thank you Akari-chan.

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